Monday, May 19, 2014

(Re)Dressed to Impress at the Grammy's

When this 1920s-inspired Sue Wong dress came in the store, it was quite difficult to keep from coveting it. Between the beautifully draped silk chiffon, the medallion-shaped beading and the dusty ballerina pink color, it's not tough to see what made me fall so hard for it. I don't like to brag about my psychic abilities, but, let me tell you, I knew from the moment that I saw this dress that it was destined for great things. I could not have been more correct.

Previously owned by a singer and performer, it must have, "had the music in it," so to speak, which would explain how it found its way to music in its second life. When Lori came in looking for something to wear to attend the Grammy's, it took less than a minute for her to find this dress. The attraction was immediate and magnetic. From the moment she put on the dress, there was no question that this was what she would wear to walk down the Red Carpet. 

Lori also ended up finding a handful of beautiful evening dresses at our store for the rest of her weekend at the Grammy's, one of which included the Scala dress shown below. Like what you see? Come in and get Re(Dressed) to impress for your next event--think Bat Mitzvahs, Summer weddings and all your party needs.

Lori wearing a 1920s-inspired Sue Wong dress, purchased at ReDress Boston

Lori with Cee Loo Green

Lori hanging out with Hoda, while wearing a Scala one shoulder sparkly evening dress, purchased at ReDress

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