Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Why Am I Still Here?" ::Vintage Bag Edition

"Why am I still here?" That is the absolutely heart-wrenching question that this beautiful vintage bag posed to me this afternoon, as I pulled out the red marker to change the price from $54 to $40.50. "Don't be upset," I said, attempting to console it, "I am certain we will find you a lovely home. With your perfectly executed color-blocking, incredibly soft deerskin panel and superbly functional size and shape, I bet the very next woman who puts you over her shoulder will be unable to resist bringing you home."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY: Winter Casual

Nicole is wearing:

Cole Haan bag: $98

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Cardigan, sz M: $44

Gap Cargo Pants, sz 2: $24
Sterling Silver & Onyx Earrings: $24

Thursday, December 20, 2012

T.I.M.O.D.*: Charles David Croc-Embossed Riding Boots

These totally rockin' Charles David crocodile embossed riding boots (as modeled by our amazing customer, Mallory, sz 8) were originally marked at $64 in our store. At $32, they are without-a-doubt a deal to write home about! [NOW SOLD]

*Totally Insane Markdown of the Day

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Say It with Something That Sparkles

Looking for a gift that says "I love you?" How about one that says "I'm SUCH a good friend that I bought you something I really want myself?" Maybe your message is more along the lines of, "I don't know very much about you, but my fabulous taste is undeniable." Whatever you are hoping to convey with your gifts this holiday season, say it with something that sparkles! Below is just a small sampling of the incredible array of jewelry available at Redress Boston right now.

One of our fabulous customers, Mallory, models a sterling silver & onyx choker ($78). There's a matching bracelet ($48) and earrings ($24) too!

Cuffs (from left): Giles & Brother "Pied-De-Bick" ($44 $33), Henry Beguelin horn & leather ($128), and MMA brass dragons ($38 $28.50)

Vintage enamel & rhinestone bracelet ($34) and earrings ($28) set

Genuine alligator & stingray cuff ($75 $56.25)

Freshwater pearl & coral choker ($48) and earrings ($18) set

Tribal-inspired statement collar ($38)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Looking for the perfect gift for someone (we won't judge you if that someone happens to be yourself)? Stop by Redress Boston and enjoy 20% off our fabulous selection of handbags, like this Eileen Kramer authentic crocodile bag (priced at $588 in-store, $470 this week only!).

Saturday, December 1, 2012


The longer I work in fashion, the more certain I become of the veracity behind the statement that fashion is, in fact, a competitive sport. Heck, when there's a good enough sale, it can even be a contact sport. I say this as a, now-reformed, shopper, who, for many years, elbowed their way to the front of the line on Black Friday to snag all the steals before you could get to them (tell your bank account I said "you're welcome").

Of course, there is another, far more sensible option--don't shop harder, shop smarter. Here at Redress Boston, we've got enough deals to go around EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Snag the outfit shown below and you'll look so FUR-OCIOUSLY FASHIONABLE that all of your friends will be wondering just how many fellow shoppers you had to push and elbow to look THAT GOOD. And when they do, you can smile proudly back and share that you are, in fact, WAY too smart for THAT. 

Jacket: Vintage Milady's Beaver Trim Coat (sz M), $103.50
Dress: Elie Tahari Blurred Print Sleeveless Shift (sz 10), $74
Belt: Pink Faux Reptile (sz M), $18
Necklace: Black Beaded Costume, $18