Thursday, May 8, 2014


Erin, about to go dancing in her stunning 1970s dress, purchased in our store

The Magnetic Fields once sang that, "Nothing matters when you're dancing." A charming sentiment, but, also, one that is totally and completely incorrect. I mean, don't get me wrong, there a lot of things that tend to lose their importance when you're dancing--things like, what you're planning to eat for breakfast or how exactly you're planning on making it through a day of work after a night of dancing. But you know what does matter when you're dancing? Fashion. Yes, fashion. Twisting and twirling on the dancefloor isn't quite the same without a fabulous dress swishing and swaying with your every motion. And when you find do find that perfect dancing dress, the spotlight can't help but find you. People can't help but notice you frocking and rolling all night long.

If, like Erin was, you're on the hunt for the dancing dress of your dreams, stop by our store and take a look through our wide selection of vintage and modern. Do you follow us from afar or simply can't wait another moment to check out our stellar dress selection? Check out our Etsy shop for some fabulous vintage options.

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