Saturday, December 1, 2012


The longer I work in fashion, the more certain I become of the veracity behind the statement that fashion is, in fact, a competitive sport. Heck, when there's a good enough sale, it can even be a contact sport. I say this as a, now-reformed, shopper, who, for many years, elbowed their way to the front of the line on Black Friday to snag all the steals before you could get to them (tell your bank account I said "you're welcome").

Of course, there is another, far more sensible option--don't shop harder, shop smarter. Here at Redress Boston, we've got enough deals to go around EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Snag the outfit shown below and you'll look so FUR-OCIOUSLY FASHIONABLE that all of your friends will be wondering just how many fellow shoppers you had to push and elbow to look THAT GOOD. And when they do, you can smile proudly back and share that you are, in fact, WAY too smart for THAT. 

Jacket: Vintage Milady's Beaver Trim Coat (sz M), $103.50
Dress: Elie Tahari Blurred Print Sleeveless Shift (sz 10), $74
Belt: Pink Faux Reptile (sz M), $18
Necklace: Black Beaded Costume, $18

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