Friday, February 28, 2014

Recycle, ReDress and Reimagine

Natalia showing off her turquoise Anthropologie mini skirt, purchased at ReDress

They say that envy is a negative emotion. I'm not so sure I agree; it can also be a very motivational emotion. Regardless, there are some situations in which it's pretty much impossible not to feel at least a little envy. Like, for example, when you see someone walking an adorable newborn puppy or eating a delicious decadent chocolate truffle with a rich, creamy center. That's totally normal. For me, there are few people I envy quite as much as those with effortlessly chic and well-defined personal style. You know who I mean--the sort of women for whom getting dressed is a lot more like breathing than solving an algebra equation. Natalia, the long-time ReDress customer shown above, is one of those ever-so-lucky people.

When Natalia came in the other day wearing this gorgeous turquoise mini skirt, purchased here at the store, I was absolutely delighted to see that she had chosen to pair it with short red cowboy boots. I must admit, it is not a pairing that I would have likely ever conceived, but it worked perfectly. It was an expert blend of boldness and consistency, a look simultaneously eye-catching and true to her own personal brand of western-inspired glam. Besides the gorgeous Anthropologie skirt featured in the photo, Natalia has purchased an incredible range of stylish pieces here at the store, including a perfect pair of Old Gringo cowboy boots and an Artisan De Luxe embroidered spring scarf.

Natalia has always taken an interest in cultivating her personal style, but revealed to me that it was only very recently that she was able to truly shop in a way that felt "guilt-free." She explained that she had always felt badly about the wastefulness associated with mainstream retail shopping, from the resources involved in production to the under-utilization of many of the things she purchased. However, she was absolutely thrilled when ReDress opened and offered her the opportunity to both, part with old clothes and acquire new ones, in an eco-friendly way. A frequent consignor and customer, Natalia completely embodies the ethic of consignment shopping by consistently recycling her barely-worn clothing and ReDress-ing in previously loved, new-to-her pieces.

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