Monday, December 30, 2013

This New Year, Resolve to Shop Consignment More Often (or Exclusively)

As you consider your New Year's Resolutions over these next few days, why not resolve to do more consignment shopping? Now, I'm not suggesting that you make a resolution to shop more in the New Year. For most of us, that would be like resolving to eat more cake--a whole lot of fun, but not necessarily a valid or productive resolution. What I am suggesting, is that you resolve to replace some of your shopping excursions to malls and outlets with trips to consignment stores. Even better still, you could resolve to buy ONLY secondhand clothing and accessories for a set period of time this New Year, whether that's a month, a season or the entire year.

Still not fully convinced to make a consignment-oriented change in your shopping habits? Check out the list that follows for six superbly convincing reasons to make (more) consignment shopping a goal in the upcoming year. And get a jump on your newly-minted resolution at ReDress today during our 30% off sale on all dresses, winter coats (excluding furs), and leather jackets.

6.) Better quality for better prices:

Allow me to illustrate this one with an example: If you were to stop in to ReDress today, you could find a Versace dress on sale for $68. For the same amount of money at the mall, you could possibly afford to buy a lower-quality dress at H&M. In fact, many of the dresses at H&M would probably set you back a little more than the Versace. And, of the two, the Versace is in-arguably the better made dress and, consequently, the dress more likely to stay with you for years to come.

5.) Support local businesses:

By shopping consignment, you can choose to support smaller locally-owned businesses instead of major corporations. In fact, according to a statistic published in Time Magazine, twice as much money goes back into the community when you spend it at local business as opposed to a large chain. 

4.) It's good for the environment: 

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, Americans dispose of an unbelievable 13.1 million tons of textile waste each year.The amount of that waste that actually gets recycled is shocking--a mere 15%. Consignment stores help to keep perfectly good pieces out of landfills by finding them a second (or third or fourth etc.) home. Furthermore, when you choose to purchase clothing on consignment, you are making use of an item that already exists rather than creating demand for a new one.

3.) One-of-a-kind styles:

Consignment stores generally only have one of each item in stock. This presents the perfect opportunity to snag unique statement pieces for your wardrobe. How dull it is to look just like everyone else when a whole wide world of one-of-a-kind pieces await you! 

2.) New Year= Whole New You:

For most of us, creating an entirely new wardrobe can take years, mostly because of the considerable expense involved in purchasing pieces at regular retail stores. If you can truly commit to shopping consignment more often this year, then a new wardrobe for the New Year is an entirely achievable goal. That is partially because, a wardrobe that would cost thousands of dollars, if purchased brand new, will cost you only a few hundred dollars if purchased at a consignment store.

1.) It's WAY easier than a diet:

This one sort of speaks for itself. Wouldn't it be nice to make an easily achievable New Year's resolution this year?

PLEASE NOTE: ReDress will close at 3pm on December 31st, remain closed for New Year's Day, and re-open at 11am on January 2. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

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