Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jewels So Sweet That You Can't Have Just One

Fans of Kate Spade and J Crew, prepare to do some intense coveting. We currently have a large selection of candy-colored summer jewels, so sweet you can't possibly have just one.

(pictured) Starfish Cuff, RDB $18; Blue Faceted Earrings, RDB $22; Kate Spade 'Apple of My Eye' Bangle RDB $24; Red Leather Clover Earrings RDB $22; J Crew Yellow Beaded Necklace, RDB $34

It's not as easy as you would think to be a piece of perfect summer statement jewelry and endure the envy of the floaty maxi dresses and funky woven beach totes that only wish they could be the constant center of attention like you. But these intrepid beauties are never deterred from their aim, which is to help you shine all summer long no matter where you go. So snatch them up quickly and bring them to the blustery beach days and boardwalk nights of their dreams. And hurry, if you could please, while they've still got their sugary sweet disposition. I would hate for these babies to have to come to me in tears asking, "Why am I still here?"

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