Thursday, March 7, 2013

Desperately Seeking Cinderella

Hello there, ladies. We are pair of lipstick red Jimmy Choo pumps with a split gold-tone heel (sz 5.5, $178). Presently, we are in a bit of a tricky situation—perhaps, you can help.

Once, we lived in a bedroom closet with a bunch of our friends (Chanel flats and Fendi boots, if you’re reading this, we miss you dearly). It was a decent-enough lifestyle, although we were quite sad when our friends seemed to get out more than we did. Hopeless romantics that we are, we continued to hope that perhaps our owner was just saving us for a REALLY special occasion and we knew--just KNEW--that one day she would take us, lovingly, from our box.

One day, indeed, it finally happened. But the outcome wasn’t exactly what we had expected. Delighted to see her, we exclaimed, “Are we going to a ball? How about a romantic date? Oh—we know—an America’s Next Top Model audition? Yes—that must be it. We’ve always wanted to meet Tyra Banks!”  Before we could even share our next guesses (high school reunion and Newbury St shopping date, for the record), we found ourselves placed in a bag and brought to the consignment store where we have been staying since.

ReDress Boston is a fabulous place and we have so loved getting to know our new neighbors—including Prada sandals, a 1950s ostrich embossed handbag, and a Gucci bucket bag. However, we are ready to finally find our perfect match. We’re seeking Cinderella and hoping you can help! Would you or one of your size 5.5 friends consider giving us the luxurious, princess lifestyle of our dreams? Oh, say you will! 

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