Friday, February 15, 2013

Disappointed with Your Valentine's Gift? The Sale Goes On (Today and Tomorrow)

Disappointed with your Valentine's gift? To quote Sonny & Cher, "The beat goes on and so does the Redress Boston sale..." Check out some of the fabulous items available in-store (all for under $20) then stop by and get yourself something you ACTUALLY want. And while you're here, please refrain from attempting to discredit my assertion that the famous duo presaged Redress Boston by about 40 years.

Chinese Laundry pumps, sz 7, RDB $5.
Holy modern classics, Batman! The only occasion I can think of for which these shoes wouldn't be an appropriate choice is running on the treadmill, but, then again, the ladies of America's Next Top Model seem to accomplish that feat effortlessly.

Claudia Ciuti pumps, sz 9.5, RDB $20.
These stitched pumps in a delicious caramel are part business, part pleasure. Naughty librarians and sassy working women, take notice.

Calvin Klein heeled slingbacks, sz 7, RDB $5.
I am told that in Paris, they refer to pointed toe shoes, which are poised to make a major comeback this spring, as "cockroach killers," because the toe can easily fit into corners. I have lamented that these shoes were not my own size, since the day they came into the store (to be clear, for the sake of fashion, not extermination). Purchase these beauties and be the savvy and trendy object of my envy.

Bunches of Belts, RDB $5-$10
Once while I was hemming and hawing over whether or not to buy a belt, a friend unwittingly gave me one of the sagest pieces of shopping advice I have ever received. "Have you ever bought a belt and regretted it?" She asked. And without even waiting for my response, she answered her own rhetorical question, "Of course not. Everyone is always looking for a belt and wishing they owned more." So there you have it--belt purchases are never a bad idea. Hurry in and indulge in some guilt-free accessorizing at rock-bottom prices.

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