Thursday, January 31, 2013

We've Got Kate Spades!

Redress Boston got in five incredible Kate Spade bags this past week. They span a wide variety of sizes and styles. Meet each of them individually below!

Sporty Spice:
This green canvas shoulder bag features black leather trim and a Kate Spade logo luggage tag. I have lovingly named her after my favorite Spice Girl, whom I can imagine rocking this bag with stylish sweats and a gravity-defying ponytail. "Bring me home to the Lululemon wardrobe of my dreams, please," she begs. RDB $64

Woman About Town:

This black patent tote with tan leather accents wants to be your constant companion from running errands with you to spending a day at the office to attending Sunday brunch with friends."Find me a casual day outfit with which I wouldn't look amazing," she dares you. RDB $108

Classy Vintage-Inspired Lady:

 This tan and black leather convertible satchel is ever the classy lady. She would never, for example, brag about the incredible versatility that her two sets of straps provide, so I have to do it for her. Nor would she point out on her own how easily she transitions from day to night, due to how well she gets along with skinny jeans and cocktail frocks alike. "I would love to be your most cherished gift to yourself," she says, "I even come complete with a bow!" RDB $154

The Logo Lover:

Unlike her vintage-inspired counterpart, this canvas logo embroidered shoulder bag isn't shy about pointing out the fact that she is totally adorable. "Besides," she points out, "no one could possibly keep you organized in quite the same way I will. I am the perfect size to fit just about everything--everything you ACTUALLY need that is." RDB $74

The Working Wonder:

This black and brown leather tote with turnlock closure pockets is waiting for a blogger or braniac to be her best friend. "To all of you students, social media savants and working professionals who couldn't imagine going anywhere without your laptop, I'm here patiently waiting--although probably not for long, so you'd best hurry" she implores. RDB $228

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