Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing...Beadrock Designs

Redress Boston is thrilled to announce that we will be selling jewelry and decorative boxes by Beadrock Designs in our store!

The entrepreneurs and designers behind Beadrock Designs’ fabulous creations are a trio of local elementary school students—Jayden, Sasha, and Callie. Beadrock Designs has been a chance for these aspiring business owners and designers not only to practice important business skills, such as marketing and inventory control, but also to donate to a charity that is important to them.

The girls have chosen to give all of their profits to Children’s Hospital because, as they explained, the hospital helped save Jayden and Sasha’s cousin’s life when she was sick. Though they are only in elementary school, Beadrock Designs is far from the girls’ first charitable work.  In the past, they have forgone birthday presents to give to organizations of their choosing such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Smile Train, and Reach Out & Read. 

 The name Beadrock Designs originated when Jayden was in pre-school. She used to make strings of beads that she would tape together and call “beadrocks.” The girls have honed their design skills since then, expanding into creating patterned and painted decorative boxes and more intricate jewelry. They work together as a team to make the final products. While Callie likes picking out the shapes of the boxes, Sasha likes “picking out patterns that you wouldn’t think go together,” and Jayden enjoys adding the finishing touches.  Callie explains that, “We didn’t realize how hard it was. It takes so much patience,” but, “Seeing the final result is so awesome.”

Be sure to stop by & check out the girls’ amazing creations—all priced at only $6 each!

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