Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Hattitude

Importina Vintage Black Pillbox Hat. RDB $44 $33.
Love 21 Taupe Laser Cut Shift Dress, size S. RDB SOLD
Vintage Grey Leather Belt with Silver "V" Buckle, size S. RDB $14 7.
Oatmeal & Blue Beaded Crossbody Bag. RDB $44.

The Importina pillbox hat is a true vintage gem and one of those oh-so-rare hats that looks totally amazing on everyone that tries it on (see photos below). It was just marked down from $44 to $33 in the store today. This treasure promises to add a healthy dose of hattitude to any outfit. Won't you consider giving her a loving home?

As modeled by Jacqui

As modeled by one of our adorable customers, Cami

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